Tuesday, June 8, 2010

x0xi0 #330-133.5 : Step Zero

In fall of 2009 I started to get the itch to take another run at a new x0x build. My intent was to build 2 or three of these anyway so Brian Castro's x0xio kit was the right fit: it's more complex, expands the x0x's capabilities, and still retains the original clone's accuracy in the process. He also produced a first run of custom PCBs in April 2010 specifically for his mod so I'm among the first five or so builders putting it together. Needless to say I'm an early adopter on this one! As such the documentation is still incomplete. I'll need to tread carefully so I don't botch up the project. My kit arrived at the beginning of June. It was a patient wait but well worth it.

Goals for this project

Just the x0xio kit. The main board an I/O are equally large as the spread in my self-sourced build.
My goals are somewhat similar to my self-sourced x0xb0x. I still want to maintain some control over the final cost. I managed to avoid several suppliers by using reliable alternatives: James from Willzyx, the new x0x supplier taking over for Adafruit, Brian, the source of the mod itself, and my local electronics supplier. I'm also able to spread some of the costs from my original self-sourced x0x since I purchased parts for multiple units at that time. This project is primarily based on BOM v2.1 and a dizzying list of mod parts from the x0xio site. I'm less concerned about the hours spent this time around, though I may choose to keep tabs on it.

The serial number

Between my self sourced x0x and this modded one, I also came across an incomplete original run x0xb0x, number #330. It needed repairs, testing, and the like. I was able to get it back up and running with a fair bit fussing around. I decided that #330 could be used as the core for this build. The x0xio is dramatically different but I think it'll be worthwhile to have key parts of the original kit be used here. This way its roots are still planted in adafruit territory. So the number represents #330, #133 of the x0xio kit, and number 5 for the custom PCB set.

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