Friday, June 11, 2010

x0xi0 #330-133.5 : I/O Mod Board

Now that 99% of my parts were here I couldn't resist and got started on the new build. I spent the first while organizing some of the parts (especially the resistors), reviewing the documentation, and taking notes on some of the support issues a few builders have a come across. At the moment it's a bit of a sea of confusion in some areas but the I/O and Full mod are well documented. The custom PCBs for the main x0x, not so much. Brian suggested I get started on the mod boards first so I took the advice when it was given :)

Generally speaking it was a relatively painless task but a few things cropped up. I've made a habit of socketing ICs and transistors but the layout and spacing for some of these parts doesn't really allow it without making very specific cuts and sizes on the sockets. Working on the I/O was a good introduction for what's to come. In future I'll need to try surrounding parts and see if it even fits. Some of the transistors are also not set up in a linear configuration so a basic socket strip that's been cut won't work. The BC547B has been set up this way. That's a bit disappointing but again, at least now I know that this is the case. Since I'm using the custom PCBs the power supply is being installed there and being left blank and omitted here.

So all in all ~ this build needs one's utmost attention!

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