Friday, June 5, 2009

x0xb0x SS#01:Sequencer Part 1

Ah, the sequencer. This is where things start to get more creative (in some respects) as opposed to functional. Aside from going through a soldering frenzy - heaps of parts, all pretty much the same - this is the stage where we get to introduce blinky lights. I haven't decided on a final configuration, but I have three flat LEDs on hand: blue, purple UV, and white. I'm considering a combination of all three but it hinges on the enclosure style I implement. In any case, this first phase is simply to get the stock parts out of the way. That means soldering sockets for all the ICs, diodes, caps, and a good handful of resistors.

> Note: I discovered that I didn't order a full set of 16 pin dip sockets. I'm missing six. That's a pain. They were a bargain at $0.07 a pop from Futurlec. Now I have to pick them up locally at probably around $0.25 plus my time and fuel, an inconvenience more than anything. Ebay's certainly an option but with a lengthy delivery time. Either way this is a minor, albeit annoying, setback. It would be nice to see all the ICs in place.

A working x0x is on the horizon! Fingers crossed that the sequencer works! I would love to hear some real sound come out of this.

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