Friday, June 5, 2009

x0xb0x SS#01: I/O

This was an exciting stage actually. First of all, it's nice to see several of these 'external' components land into place on the I/O board. 1/4", MIDI / DINSync, and CV / gate jacks all make up the familiar territiory of any synth and gear owner. This makes the project feel like it's really starting to come together. Secondly, the MASSIVE leap forward was downloading the Serial <-> USB driver and plugging the I/O into the computer. JOY!! I nailed the USB chip on the first go. Looks like the beer helped after all ;) The computer recognized the card and installed the drivers. As far as WinXP is concerned, this x0x is 'ready to use'. I'm elated!

Of course the x0x is far from complete or running an OS but it sure is encouraging!

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