Thursday, August 5, 2010

x0xi0 #330-133.5 : Custom I/O Power Supply

Despite the documentation being in development I went ahead and started building the PSU of the custom PCB. The key step in even this first task was preparation time. Reading through the forum threads, some of Brian's emails and notes, and cross checking the original parts list with the x0xio parts list were all part of the lead up to just get this in place. I also created a separate version of the original parts list that flags all the omitted and replacement components. When these come up I'll then know to reference to the x0xio list for further instructions. I've posted it to download here as a temporary measure.

All in all the actual build steps were quite similar to the original x0xb0x but as you can see from the photo there are some changes that need to be made. For one, there is the additional 12V supply in place that handles the mods' requirements. Secondly there's the need to keep this I/O low profile since the mod board will be stacked above it. Third, as far as I can tell there needs to be some space under the voltage regulators to slide in the heat sinks. You can see how there's just enough space there for between the regulators and the PCB. Fourth, like the mod boards, some spots are tight. You can see how my two capacitors, C7 & C8, are slightly angled. They're just a little wide for one another there. I had to set them properly ahead of time so they don't land into place with extreme angles.

Little details like these will be all too easy to miss. On the one hand it's probably smartest to wait for the install manual. Brian's existing manuals are very clear in that respect. On the other hand I couldn't bear having this kit sit in pieces here for any longer. I had to see some action and move forward. The next step is to sort the parts properly for each section and do that dirty work up front. That should make catching unique details a little easier.

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