Thursday, December 10, 2009

x0xb0x SS#01: Adjustments & More Tests

Today I set some time aside to address some of the outstanding tasks that were left on my list.

- I removed the BA662A and tested out a BA6110 in its place
- I drilled the power switch hole into the back of x0x
- I cleaned up the knob heights and properly aligned the rotaries. The dremel work needed to be straightened.

What's left:
- Replace the tempo encoder. The shaft has loosened due to my dremel work
- Drop in the heat sink once and for all
- Paint the back, possibly the enclosure
- Wipe down the top panel so it looks fresh again

The BA6110 is a perfectly good alternative in my view. It's nice to have the BA662A in place for the sake of authenticity but frankly it doesn't sound any different. I've left the BA6110 in place for now to put it through several months of jamming.

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