Wednesday, May 6, 2009

x0xb0x SS#01: Envelope

Today's boost in the VCF results left me with no choice but to drop everything else I was doing and get building. I tackled the envelope section.

It took a short while to get organized, pull the parts and get soldering but all in all the whole process was quite painless. I still socketed all the rare parts too. The two 2SA733P were pulled from my lower measured bags:

Q38: 197 hfe
Q39: 196 hfe

These values are all based on my faulty multimeter though. That's the value I'm getting at this time so I'm keeping it here. I'll document it again properly once I have accurate measurements.

The tests were mixed though. I need to look into that. The first test was successful: 12 volts when connected to D35. D36 does created a pulse but not at 12V so I need to test again more carefully. I suspect it's correct though.

Total time on the ENV today: 3.5 hours including the pics and this blog.


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