Friday, November 21, 2008

x0xb0x SS#01: Day 1. Power Supply

I finally had a chance to get things started yesterday. Pulling parts on a per-section basis has been a little more finicky than I had hoped. I may still go ahead and sort sections after all.

Building the power supply unit wasn't too tough. I spend 4 hours building it. I have been working on it cautiously though so despite being a bit slower than I had originally thought, the results have been quite satisfying. I was interrupted numerous times as well so having to walk away so much meant that I'd have to review where I stopped before picking up again.

All the tests outlined in the instructions went just fine. I was able to dial in the correct voltage without any fuss. I did omit the power switch at this stage but after doing so many tests with the VCO I'm just going to add it in before I start the next round. It really *is* a pain to keep pulling the jack out every time.

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