Sunday, October 26, 2008

this.onload {trace 'hello world!';}

So blogs are already out of style and twitter is the way to communicate with the world these days. How fitting that I'm starting this process now.

Personally I don't have time for either and I get the feeling I'm not missing out on that much. I'm not known for my writing skills. I find it a task. Ironically I talk too much so when I do have to convey my ideas to print, they tend to get long [but perhaps not interesting :)].

I do like stumbling onto the odd discussion that relates to a subject that interests me though. I owe heaps of thanks to all sorts of anonymous people out there who have helped me troubleshoot any number of issues. Thanks to those many blogs, I've been able to lurk on the web and find the answers I'm looking for.

So what I am doing here is keeping track of some of my projects. I just want a way to able to have some form of recall with ideas and projects I'm taking on. If this can become yet another resource for like minded people, all the better. You've helped me with your personal experience. Maybe I can help you with mine.

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